Photo 6 - Before

Technical specifications Suspended Column
Project : It is a thirty-six feet inverted column installed in a courtyard hanging about 13 feet above ground by four steel cables fastened to the edge of the building, cut diagonally into two parts: column-capital seemingly held by water.
The column diameter is 110 cm and is 11 meters high. Placed at about 3.60 m above ground and held by four steel ropes of 12 mm each, it clings onto a steel plate attached to the edge of the building, weighing a complex 1700 KG.
The capital was modelled in clay with a single plaster cast for a positive print made of glass resin divided into four different two by two side pairs sections. The entire capital and column surfaces were created by layering three different colours: white, yellow and grey were successively and repeatedly applied in order to obtain cohesion and final uniformity.
The circuit, located in the lower part of the column, is a prototype made of a steel cylindrical diffuser of 85 cm of diameter and 80 cm high. It has on its lower face two thin circular concentric buttonholes shaped with a bronze lathe in order to obtain two cylindrical veils of water 6 cm distant from one another to maximise the precision and the continuum of the water. The water flows at around 600 litres per minute.